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I'm using simpleModal plugin http://www.ericmmartin.com/projects/simplemodal/ when the text in the dialog is too long, I try to scroll, but the entire page is scrolling, even when using modal:true.

so I can't see the end of the dialog , I try define maxHeight - but seem with no effect.

any idea?


 function loadDialog(Code,vrsnNum)
   {Code: Code,VerisionNum: vrsnNum},

   {Code: Code,VerisionNum: vrsnNum},

  $('#basic-modal-content').modal({maxHeight: 400,autoPosition : true, position: ['20%','25%']});
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You could try to assign some CSS to the modal() call, something like this:

    maxHeight: 400,
    autoPosition: true,
    containerCss: {
        'maxHeight' : '400px',
        'overflow' : 'auto'
    position: ['20%', '25%']

In addition you also have the dataCss property available.

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I added "width:490px; overflow-x:hidden; _height:400px; max-height: 400px; overflow-y:auto;" to the data-div style and that correct the problem, thanks for the idea. –  Gooloosh Jan 22 '11 at 19:19

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