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I have a list of dates in a multiple select elemental, and I need to send the list of selected dates to server for handling.
The jQuery is going haywire giving me a continuous increase in both memory and cpu usage, which I dont understand as running the haywire part alone is fine.

<select id="my-dates" name="my-dates[]" multiple="multiple" size="5">

 dates: $('select#my-dates').find(':selected'),
  // result handling
data key 'dates' should contain an transmit-able array like ['2011-01-20',2011-01-27']

jQuery haywire part
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I'd build the date array manually because you are passing full jQuery objects:

var selectedDates = [];

$('select#my-dates > option:selected').each(function() {

 dates: selectedDates,
  // result handling
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That works. I used .map() instead of .each(). –  Kim Jan 20 '11 at 11:57

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