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I am trying to upload files using ant to the s3 bucket. For this i have added


Here is the task that i am trying to excute:-

<taskdef name="S3Upload" classname="dak.ant.taskdefs.S3Upload">
   <classpath refid="classpath.compile" />
<target name="upload">
  <S3Upload verbose="true" accessId="myaccesskey" secretKey="je+mysecretkey" bucket="bucketname" publicRead="true">
  <fileset dir="lib" includes="mail.jar" />

After running the task following error is shown :-

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestS3Service.(Lorg/jets3t/service/security/AWSCredentials;)V

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Looks like this method is not available in 0.8.0 version of jets3t. Perhaps you should try with jets36-0.7.4.jar.

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Hey thanks Raghuram it worked for me. –  4zh4r Jan 20 '11 at 13:55

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