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Does anybody have any code for a jquery context menu? Just need a div popup at pointer position when right mouse button pressed.

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Have you done a Google Search? There are many many scripts that point this out. – Sander Jan 20 '11 at 13:41
I found a very simple script that can do this (from another Stackoverflow question): stackoverflow.com/a/4502207/975097 – Anderson Green Dec 14 '12 at 20:38

Here is what I found:

Right Click Context Menu Using Jquery and asp.net - Code Project Article

Plugins tagged Right Click Menu on Jquery website

Interestingly, the dogo library has a standard set of UI widgets, and the context menu is part of that standard UI set. (The dojo library is nice and pretty with a standard look)

Dojo is a separate javascript library just like JQuery. Not sure how completely compatible dojo is with jquery, but there are ways to get them both working together if you want to.

Lord Google gave me most of the answers ;)

Similar SO questions that might be helpful:
jQuery Right-Click Context Menu Help!
jquery context menu plugin - Where is the right click event type?
JavaScript: Capturing right click and disabling menu only within certain element

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Here is a plugin: jQuery Context Menu

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Another plugin you can use is one developed by me called Audero Context Menu.

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