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A have an application that has a controller and after swipe it shows another controller as a modal dialog. This showing I do with calling PresentModalViewController(myControl, true). When I have four modal dialogs opened (application maximum) the last one does not fire WillRotate method. Simply if I put a breakpoint it is not hit and the code I have in this method Override is not being processed.

Are there any count limits for showing modal dialogs?

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Maybe a different concept might help you. I'm not sure if it is a good idea to show a modal view on top of another modal view - on desktops it is quite common but no on iOS. Maybe show a UINavigationController inside your modal view instead of stacking modals on top of each other. –  Krumelur Jan 21 '11 at 21:47

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I'm don't know if there is a count limit for showing modal dialogs but I can provide an alternative solution that may help you get around this problem for the time being.

In your last modal view, you could subscribe to the OrientationDidChange notifications:

NSNotification.DefaultCenter.AddObserver(UIDevice.OrientationDidChangeNotification, HandleDeviceRotated);

where HandleDeviceRotated is a delegate as follows:

void HandleDeviceRotates(NSNotification notification)
 // Handle any code you'd like when device rotated.

Unfortunately this will take place after the device has rotated.

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