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I'm pulling down some markup from a url and returning a single scala.xml.Node like so ...

  def doGoogleSearch(query:String) : scala.xml.Node = {
    val tmpUrl = ""
    val tmp = tmpUrl.concat(query)

    val url = new URL(tmp)
    val conn = url.openConnection

    val sorce:InputSource = new InputSource
    val neo = new TagSoupFactoryAdapter
    val input = conn.getInputStream

    val markup = neo.loadXML(sorce)

    return markup

Next I want to loop through each child element inside the markup and what I have so far only seems to print 2x (yet this is a huge amount of html coming back). What am I missing here?

def loopThroughChildren(markup:scala.xml.Node) : String = {
    for (i <- 0 until markup.child.length) {
  return ""

Thank you in advance!

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Do you want to loop through only the immediate children of the node, or do you want to recurse through all the children of node, and the children of those again, and the children of those..., i.e., all subnodes of the tree? – Knut Arne Vedaa Jan 20 '11 at 14:39

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Anyways, here's a recursive function for you:

def processNode(node: Node) {
  if (node.isInstanceOf[Text]) println(node.text)
  node.child foreach processNode

This will print the contents of all text nodes in the document. If you feed it with e.g.:


It will produce:

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As a simple solution, you could say { child =>
  // child is a scala.xml.Node

and possibly use recursion, depending on what you want to do.

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Or equivalently

 // child is a scala.xml.Node
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This will take a command line argument (filename) and print all tag labels found:

import scala.xml._
import scala.annotation.tailrec

object XmlTagLister extends App {
  require(args.length == 1, "You must provide an XML filename to be analyzed.")

  val data = XML.loadFile(args(0))

  def collectTags(elems: List[Node], tags: Set[String]): Set[String] =
    elems match {
      case h :: t => collectTags((h \ "_").theSeq.toList ::: t, tags + h.label)
      case Nil => tags

  val allTags = collectTags((data \ "_").toList, Set())

  allTags foreach println

Output looks like this:


(XML tags are case sensitive)

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