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I want to validate xml file against xs schema file. Now, I'm providing xml file as a command line arg. and need to keep my schema file inside my classpath.

For this I've used Xerces (2_11_0) parser for java

I've kept schema file inside package and added this folder inside my classpath.

String SCHEMA = this.getClass().getResource(SCHEMA_NAME).getFile();
parser.setProperty("", SCHEMA);

When I run the code inside eclipse, it works like charm but the problem arises when I export my project as an executable jar.

I try running the jar and it is not able to find SCHEMA file.


Can anyone let me know the reason why this is not working from executable jar and the solution for it?

Let me know if more info is required.


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That's because the URL for this.getClass().getResource(SCHEMA_NAME) is now something like jar:file:/C:/MY_JAR!/PACKAGE/SCHEMA_FILE.xsd. See if just using this.getClass().getResource(SCHEMA_NAME).toString() will work.

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It is not working after converting to string too. I'm running "java -jar my_jar.jar" and it gives same error file:/C:/MY_JAR!/PACKAGE/SCHEMA_FILE.xsd – user1584499 Jan 21 '11 at 7:13
please edit your original question and add the stacktrace. please also add some output for the value of SCHEMA. – kschneid Jan 21 '11 at 15:32

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