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I am trying to build a Google Maps-driven web application that can display a map of the whole world in one or all of the following configurations:

  • A continent-outline map, only differentiating between land and water (like this, but without the country borders/names, and without showing any additional detail as you zoom in)
  • A physical geography map of the world, containing absolutely no road, city, or political borders (so the default satellite map is out - if I can't get anything else working, I'm considering just restricting the zoom-level such that you can't get in close enough to see modern features)
  • The same kind of old-world maps shown here and here for Google Earth.

A similar effect to what I'm after can be achieved with the old maps from the Rumsey Collection (q.v.), which are excellent but rather bandwidth-intensive and slow down the GMaps performance significantly. Simpler, less detailed images would better suit my purposes.

Is there an efficient way to load those world-spanning KMZ graphical files from bullet 3 as tilesets?

How about the physical or silhouette-based map? If necessary, one could follow the GMaps guideline for carving out .png files to represent each tile if there exists a freely available starting map.

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You can also use open-source MapTiler application - http://www.maptiler.org/ or the command line utility gdal2tiles.

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Here is a tutorial on building custom tiled maps: http://webtide.wordpress.com/2008/08/27/custom-google-maps/

This appears to be a service for creating custom tiled maps: http://www.maplib.net/

Good luck!

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The maplib site appears to be temporarily down, but the wordpress one is exceedingly helpful. Thanks! –  Skeolan Jan 26 '09 at 17:47

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