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I am new to EF4 and are trying to follow the guidance as best I can, so I have choosen to go down the POCO route and have put the POCO classes in there own project. I have added repository classes in the DataAccess project and off course the DataAccess project reference the POCO project.

I am currently adding business functionality to the POCO classes and hit a snag where a particular method on one of the POCO objects creates a bunch of other POCO objects, which is cool. BUT, the POCO objects that it creates are already in the database so know I need my BusinessEntity project to reference the DataAccess project which of course is creating a circular reference.

Any guidance in this space would be much appreciated.

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can you provide the method that "creates a bunch of other POCO objects"? This shouldn't happen. POCO methods should be domain/business specific - nothing to do with data. If you start working with data, they are no longer POCO's. –  RPM1984 Jan 20 '11 at 21:09
So I have a "Share" object as in a security. I have implemented a "Split" method which add's a new POCO "Event" object to Share.Events The Event has a type which is an existing record in the DB, it is retrieving this EventType that I need to make a call to the DAL. –  BenBuckland Jan 21 '11 at 1:49
@BenBuckland - you shouldn't have that code there. Your DAL/Repository should set that property. Since your using EF4, you can "eager load" the Events when you grab a share: e.g var share = ctx.Shares.Include("Events"), and EF will automatically populate the events. –  RPM1984 Jan 21 '11 at 7:35
@RPM1984 - Once I have added the Event for sure I can return it but what about the creation of the new Event and the associated existing EventType object? –  BenBuckland Jan 21 '11 at 7:50
if your referring to a "new" Event (eg not in database set), then whatever is creating that event should setup the Shares. The POCO's shouldn't be aware of themselves. If you have a web page which creates an event, when you submit the form, the server should create the event object and shares and perisist that object via the DAL. –  RPM1984 Jan 21 '11 at 8:10

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Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding your issue, but it kind of sounds like you may want to go with a DTO (Data Transfer Objects) type route. I am new to EF myself but am currently working on an EF, WCF, WinForms project. I have contract objects for my WCF service that I use to send data back to the client. I map properties from my EF Entities to my DTO objects in my business layer. I use DTOs because my client does not need all the properties of the EF Entity. Try this link. I found some really good stuff regarding project structure. Hope this helps.

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