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My program create a bunch of threads and each thread connect to a website to retrieve some data (using mechanize browser). Well, sometimes the internet drops when I'm reading the data and then the program hangs indefinitely:

response = br.open(url,timeout=30.0)
headers = response.info()
html = response.read() #the code hangs here

I've been reading around the net about the signal.alarm but it is not advisable to use in threads. My question is: what other alternative I could use to handle this? threading.timer maybe?

Thanks in advance

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Not sure if this is exactly you are looking for. But do check if this solution helps.

image download problem (python)

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mechanize use the urlopen interface and i have already set a timeout but the timeout don't work in the read() function. What a i need is something like signal.alarm that works with threads –  scripts Jan 20 '11 at 15:25

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