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I have a a query which retrieves 2 times a count from 2 tables. Now in the same query it has (countresult1-countresult2) AS restresult

Now restresult is sometimes less than 0 (eq -10) but I want it to return 0 if it's under 0.

Uhm did I explan that right? Minimum value should be 0 not below.


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GREATEST((countresult1-countresult2), 0) AS restresult
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if (countresult1<countresult2, 0, countresult1-countresult2) as restresult

neither countresult1 nor countresult2 will return a negative number, so above should be safe

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without seeing your query, you could have something like...

MAX( if( countresult1-countresult2 < 0, 0, countresult1-countresult2 )) as YourResult
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Take the maximum of 0 and the value you calculated, like this:

SELECT GREATEST(your-restresult-query,0)
FROM ... (etc)
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Until Now I didn't know there was if-else commands in SQL, but I found some.

you will want to use:

WHEN (countresult1-countresult2) < 0 THEN 0 ELSE (countresult1-countresult2)

Here is the source where I found the SQL information:

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That's only a portion of a CASE statement – OMG Ponies Jan 20 '11 at 16:49

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