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I have an automated test which produces a csv with two columns of data. I have an excel file which I use to gather the results of all the runs in a worksheet.

I want to fully automate the process of updating the Excel file after each test run.

This is probably what I want to do:

1. Read the two columns from the CSV file
2. Paste the two columns in a worksheet in the excel file, in the first 
   empty column to the right of the existing block of columns.
3. Save the Excel file


Now i understand that i can do steps 1-3 using a macro. All that is left for me to figure out is how to launch the macro.

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possible duplicate of Generate Excel Spreadsheet from CSV (ASP.NET C#) –  Neil Knight Jan 20 '11 at 15:16
How is my question a duplicate of your suggested link? –  zr. Jan 20 '11 at 15:20

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You can read the csv and write to the Excel sheet with a single data provider, the OleDb provider. Here is an article on how to write to Excel, and here is one on how to read csv.

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Once you write the macro, it should be in the macro list in Excel for that Excel document. You can bind the macro to a keystroke (like Alt-i, Alt-whatever) so that it runs when your press that key combination.

I've done this on a couple of similar projects where I need to import CSV files from other sources and put the data into an Excel sheet (or sheets)

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But i still want the macro to be invoked automatically, without me having to do the keystroke. –  zr. Jan 20 '11 at 16:15

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