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I am designing an web application. This application has a number of users.

All users can see and use a search form - however only those who are logged in can submit the form properly.

So when the form is submitted - BEFORE redirecting to the results page and showing the results, a jquery ajax function fires, checks if the user is logged in and if the user is logged in does a window.location.replace('searchresults.php') to the search results page.

How can I ensure that the correct POST data (from the form input fields) is included in the redirect?

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Create hidden form and submit it via javascript instead of window.location.replace('searchresults.php')

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You cannot do a window.location redirect and supply POST data. The HTTP spec just does not support the redirect header with any POST data.

I think your searchresults.php page should always load - but if they are not logged in, don't perform the search. Far simpler.

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The whole point is that individuals are not taken from the page. Page reloads should not occur at this point in the app. – Ash Jan 20 '11 at 16:02
ok, still not a problem. Use ajaxForm and load that into your DOM – JohnO Jan 20 '11 at 20:36

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