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I came across this term while working on ADO.net entity framework (EF 4.0). It's hard for me to understand this term. I am aware of POCO classes and their use in creating PI model but I am not sure about a POCO proxy.

Can anyone help on this?

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Are you familiar with dependency injection (DI)? POCO proxies are a form of DI:


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I haven't got much idea about DI other than that it allows to dynamically create derived objects with extra set of functionalities. I wanted to use Business Entities across application in of my project involving WCF . I created POCO classes using POCO entity generator but then I got dreaded "Connection close" error. I was using POCO as my data contracts in WCF. I disabled proxy generation , it worked but I still see proxy classes being generated on client side. My idea was to use same business entities on the client as well and not use proxies generated in Service reference –  Kunal Jan 20 '11 at 16:18

It refers to the technique used to accomplish persistence ignorance where the object is instantiated as a proxy at runtime. Castle has a proxying framework that you might want to look at to see what sort of thing you can use proxies for. Castle Dynamic Proxy

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