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I'm interested in writing some Chrome compatible Greasemonkey scripts, but I'm finding that there are few updated tutorials on how to really get started properly with writing userscripts. Dive Into Greasemonkey by Mark Pilgrim is five years old now and hasn't been updated. Searches for tutorials are rife with garbage hits, affiliate blog links and general nonsense. The wiki for Greasemonkey is nearly all reference, not really a "this is a good place to start" kind of article.

Can you recommend a good, updated tutorial for getting started writing userscripts?

I define "good" as:

  • How to setup an environment
  • Basic skills required to know
  • Common use examples
  • Best practices

I define "updated" as:

  • Written or updated in the last 18 months
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I am pretty sure there isn't a tutorial that meets all your requirements. Check out Jaxov's post for a start.

Anyway, Greasemonkey's not that hard once you know JavaScript; even though Greasemonkey on Chrome can be a bit of a pain.

Play around with it; examine code that works. You could be the one to write the updated "Getting Started" documentation ;)

Also for Chrome, check out Tampermonkey.

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Thanks, this is helpful. – Mutant Jan 26 '11 at 19:04
You're welcome; glad to help. – Brock Adams Jan 26 '11 at 23:38 <-- the page which is opened the first time you install Greasemonkey

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