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I have the following html code:

<div class="result hide" id="userNameTooShort"><span class="error">Your username needs to be six characters long.</span></div>

I want this to display when a user types less than 6 characters in the username input field. The hide class displays none if it is valid.

Here is the input field I created in javascript:

createFieldObjects: function(){
    unField = new forms.InputField("tUserName", /^(?=.*[a-zA-Z\d])(\w|[\.\@\-\?\,\&\''\/\_\""]){6,}$/);

How do I write the javascript to display the error message when the user types less than 6 characters?

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I know several people whose first and last names together are less than 6 characters. They can get pretty cranky if you tell them that their name isn't valid, so exercise some caution here, and think about why you need so many characters. –  DOK Jan 20 '11 at 16:23

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In a prototype/pseudocode way:

if $('tUserName').value.length < 6
  (set the div to display)
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