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I've written a simple JavaScript to add options to an HTML Select element, the code looks like this:

 function addOption() {
    var newOption = document.createElement('<option value="TOYOTA">');

    var elSel = document.getElementById('mySelect');
    } //Standard
    } //IE Only
    newOption.innerText = "Toyota";

I found online tutorial that shows we need to do something like this to get both Firefox/Chrome and IE work. However, currently only IE will work, for FF/Chrome, when I click on the "Add" button, nothing is added to the dropdown, could anybody help? Thanks in advance.

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Use this instead:

var mySelect = document.getElementById("mySelect");
mySelect.add(new Option("Toyota", "TOYOTA"));
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You are supposed to specify the node name, not an HTML string ala jQuery style to createElement afaik.

var el = document.createElement('option')
  , fc = document.createTextNode('blah')
  , s = document.getElementById('foo');

el.value = 'blah';
el.appendChild( fc );
s.appendChild( el )
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If you're going to do a lot of UI manipulation, I suggest using a 3rd party library like jQuery to make this easier and more cross-browser compatible.

      append($("<option value='TOYOTA'>TOYOTA</option>").
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No need for jQuery here… –  Marcel Korpel Jan 20 '11 at 17:44
I agree, there is no need. I said "I suggest" due to the increased browser compatibly of UI manipulation in general. –  Dutchie432 Jan 24 '11 at 13:23

I'm surprised that even works in IE.

Try replacing everything inside the function with this:

var newOption = document.createElement("option");
newOption.setAttribute("value", "TOYOTA");
newOption.appendChild(document.createTextNode("My toyota"));
var elSel = document.getElementById('mySelect');
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