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I have a question concerning searching of peaks on 2D area detector. It's a real struggle for me... The problem is similar to the one posted some time ago here:

Peak detection in a 2D array

In my case I deal with very big array (at least 500 x 500) with many peaks (with small size compared to the whole array). Also the problem is that some peaks are quite weak and some of them are very strong (in comparison to the background). However, it's very hard for me to retrieve the algorithm from Python code and I'm not sure how does it work (I'm a mere crystallographer and I know only Fortran). As far as I understand there is some kind of 'local intensity filter' method.

I looked at the Internet and various scientific but I have found no direct answer or examples that I could utilize.

On my webisite I put a typical I would like to investigate to find peak positions:

All help will be very much appreciate!



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Hi @Radek, perhaps you should consider altering your file format, because it makes your problem a bit more accessible. Also, adding a picture of what your data looks like and what the peaks should describe helps with solving the problem! – Ivo Flipse Jan 31 '11 at 21:43

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