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To get things working as they should with AS2 protocol signatures, I need a digital certificate with keyUsage extensions 0 and/or 1 (nonRepudiation and/or digitalSignature).

It's not a problem to generate it and self-sign it, but since it will be used for some serious stuff like e-invoices, I need it to be issued by a trusted third-party.

There are a lot of such options for personal certificates, but in my case it is not important who personally signed a given AS2 wrapped XML file, because it is being exchanged between B2B servers - I do not need the certificate to have the power of written signature. The goal is to guarantee authenticity and integration of the payload.

Therefore I am looking for a CA that would provide a digital signature certificate that would be issued for the company, but would not be in any way bound to a specific person/employee as it does with the whole e-signature thing.

Thanks in advance for help.

PS. I am writing this from a perspective of UE/Polish citizen, our legal regulations in this field are weak if any...

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I cannot understand your question totally but I think this will be useful. It issues free certificates.

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