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I am experimenting with RavenDB embedded in my application. I am receiving a "Type 'EmbeddableDocumentStore' is not defined" error. I do, however, have a reference to Raven.Client.Embedded in my project.

Here's my VB.Net code:

Imports Raven.Client.Client
Imports Raven.Client

Sub Main()
    Dim documentStore As EmbeddableDocumentStore = New EmbeddableDocumentStore()
    documentStore.DataDirectory = "c:\dbdata"

    Dim session As Document.DocumentSession = documentStore.OpenSession()
    session.Store(New LineItem With {
                                        .draftpostingdate = Nothing,
                                        .forumdate = "#12/1/2010#",
                                        .pfvolume = Nothing,
                                        .pfissue = Nothing,
                                        .change = "change",
                                        .sectiontext = "Revision",
                                        .rs = Nothing,
                                        .revisionid = 51438,
                                        .mononum = "100249",
                                        .webtype = "PCA"

    Dim lineItems = session.Query(Of LineItem)()
    For Each li As LineItem In lineItems
End Sub
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I have had similar problems before when I targeted the wrong framework. Have you checked that you're not targeting the "Client Profile" in your project? If I remember correctly you have to target the full framework when using Embedded client.

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Excellent, the train is on the right track. Thanks! –  amgray789 Jan 24 '11 at 16:09
If that worked please don't forget to mark it as an answer :o) –  codedog Jan 24 '11 at 18:36

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