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I currently have the following JavaScript/jQuery script that gets an external html page using AJAX and runs a function on all it's text nodes.

$.get('webpage.html', function (html) {
    $(html).find('*').each(function () {
        $(this).contents().filter(function () { return this.nodeType === 3 }).each(function () {
            this.nodeValue = foo(this.nodeValue);

However although the logged new text node values have changed and are all correct, when I try to log the html at the end I just get what I started with, the original external webpage with none of the modifications in it.

What am I doing wrong?


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Writing $(html) and manipulating the results DOM tree cannot modify the original string.

Instead, you can write

var content = $('<div>' + html + '</div>');
//Modify content
html = content.html();

By wrapping the HTML in a <div>, I can easily retrieve the full source.

I wrote a more detailed explanation on my blog.

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