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this query return value in xml format but total xml is showing in one column and column name is showing dynamically. if i want that i will specify the column name like data etc. so xml value will show as single row & column but header or output column name will be "DATA"

is it possible if yes the please show me the way.thanks

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You need to check out the new FOR XML PATH feature in SQL Server 2005 and up - read all about it in SQL Server Books Online.

Basically, with FOR XML PATH, you can define the shape of your XML very easily, e.g.

    EmployeeID AS '@EmployeeID',
FROM dbo.Employees
FOR XML PATH('Employee'), ROOT('AllEmployees')

will generate XML something like:

   <Employee EmployeeID="12345">

FOR XML PATH is very flexible and allows you to do a lot of things quite easily and intuitively.

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check when u execute the sql with for xml path in sql management studio it still return column name dynamically.it is not working boss. – Thomas Jan 20 '11 at 18:44
@Thomas: I'm not clear what you mean by "column name is showing dynamically"..... ????? – marc_s Jan 20 '11 at 19:06

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