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I have some strings such as:


I want to format them into a string such as:


I tried to use the C# String.Format but I can not get it to correctly work.

Can someone please give me the correct c# statement to accomplish this?


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What have you attempted? string.Format() with a number format string (such as g or f) depends on the input value being a number (decimal, float, double). So you would have to parse your number string first. If you just want to truncate without rounding, you could always just use string.Substring(). – James Kovacs Jan 20 '11 at 18:37
Do you have strings like 1003.1543234 as well? What should happen with those upon format? – Kees C. Bakker Jan 20 '11 at 18:47
these are not strings, they are decimals, your description is incorrect and missleading – JrBriones Jul 16 at 17:04

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It's unclear if you'll always be dealing with numeric values. If you want to avoid parsing the strings as numbers, you might try something like this:

public static string TrimTo(string str, int maxLength)
    if (str.Length <= maxLength)
        return str;
    return str.Substring(0, maxLength);

This will trim the provided string to six characters, if it's longer than six. This seems to be what you want, but (as Kees points out), will do something unexpected with a string like "1234567.890".

The conditional clause is necessary here because String.Substring will complain if the second index is outside of the string (if the string is shorter than maxLength, in other words).

(If you've played around with C# 3.0 extension methods at all, you might recognize this, slightly modified from the above, as an excellent opportunity for one: string trimmed = s.TrimTo(10);)

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I think this would be the best way to do it, considering that 1.555555555 rounds down to 1.5555. – Greg Jan 20 '11 at 18:44

If you convert the Strings to doubles you can use String.Format to specify how many decimal places you want to include when you reformat it as a String.

String.Format("{0:0.0000}", double.Parse("1.55555555555555"))
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