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I am trying to debug a plug-in for TFS 2010 using the code found here. That example recommends using TFS installed locally to debug. I wanted to try it with a dev TFS 2010 Server I have setup. So I installed Remote Debugger x64 on that machine and tried to remote debug.

There are 3 w3wp.exe processes running on that machine. But I tried attaching to each of them and every time I do my break point say:

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.

When I build I output all the files from the build to the plug-in folder on the TFS Machine. Should I be keeping some file local for symbol loading? Is there someway to manually point to the symbol file? What is the symbol file?

Update: I got it to work for a few runs. But now it is not working again. (TFS is up and working, but the break points give me the above message....)

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Figured it out.

  1. Go to Debugging->Options and Settings.
  2. Select the Symbols option on the left.
  3. Add a new symbols file location (to the location you are deploying to)
  4. Select load all symbols.

RESULT: The disabled break points are now enabled

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