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Considering the following code:

class Foo extends UnitTestCase {
    public function testFoo() {
        $foo = new Foo();
        $this->assertEqual('2, 3', $foo->bar(3));

class Foo {
    public function bar() {
        return 2;

'2, 3' == $foo->bar (2) because PHP allow that. This test pass! But it is wrong in some cases ('2, 3' string is different from 2 integer.

SimpleTest test method from EqualExpectation class:

function test($compare) {
    return (($this->value == $compare) && ($compare == $this->value));

Is there a method to test that in SimpleTest? Instead of ==, a method that uses === ... Thank you.

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From the SimpleTest documents:

assertIdentical($x, $y) Fail if $x == $y is false or a type mismatch
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