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I have a table like below,

ID | Amt
1  | $30
2  | $2
3  | $50

I want to do a select on the amount based on the ID and the thing is that ID=1 is not guarantee to be there. So, I want to check if ID=1 exist then I select the amount correspond to the ID=1 else I want to select the amount where ID=2.

So something like,

Select (If ID= 1 then amt else amt(for ID2) from Table 

How can I achieve this Sql select statement?

Thanks. .

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The best answer might depend on which RDBMS you are using. – Dave Costa Jan 20 '11 at 21:04
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what if 1 and 2 aren't there? if it's always going to drop through to the next id you should select the first item in there ordered by id.

select top 1 amt from table order by id;  

Syntax for this might be off a bit...I'm jumping between dbs currently...

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Based on your question, there may be a better way... Without knowing more, this is my answer:


select top 1 * from myTable where ID >= 1 order by ID


select * from myTable where ID >= 1 order by ID limit 1
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select Amt from theTable where ID in (select min(ID) from theTable where (ID < 3) )

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If you just want the smallest id...just remove the "where (ID < 3)" out of the where clause and it will return the "smallest" id. – John K. Jan 20 '11 at 21:08

This is an Oracle-specific answer.

It's not clear how general a solution you want.

For hardcoded values 1 and 2:

select amt from (
  select amt from table where id between 1 and 2 order by id asc
) where rownum =1

Replace 1 and 2 with n and n+1 to generalize for any starting value n.

Remove the upper bound of 2 if you really want to find the lowest existing ID greater than the one you passed in, regardless of how high it is.

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you probably want to use EXISTS stament and create a function

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If database is SQL Server you can achieve this with a CASE State

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It looks like you want the record with the lowest ID

For MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL use limit

select amt from tbl order by id limit 1;

For SQL Server, Sybase use top

select top 1 amt from tbl order by id;

For Oracle use rownum

SELECT * FROM (select amt from tbl order by id) X WHERE ROWNUM=1;

For an ANSI SQL92 approach

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select id, amt from table where id = ( select min( id ) from table )
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