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I'm aware that similar question have been asked here and here and it could probably be a duplicate.

But the question has not been answered in both the places properly so reluctantly, I have to ask it again :(

The question is can you use Criteria API to join two tables when there is no mapping available between them.


class Order{ UserId , OrderId} 
 class User{UserId , UserName}

and I need to produce a query like,

select user.UserName , order.OrderId from Order order join User user on order.UserId = user.UserId

Please help if anyone is aware of this..and please do note that I need to do it using Criteria or QueryOver techniques

Thanks /BB

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Here is an idea on how it can be done but it is a bit ugly.

Since the mapping does not state that the relationship between Order and User exists therefore it is pretty difficult to have NHibernate generate a join between these two tables. What you can do instead is do an inner select so your query as SQL would look like this:

SELECT o.OrderId, o.WhateverOtherPropertyNameFromOrder
       (SELECT u.UserName, u.WhateverOtherPropertyNameFromUser
        FROM   User u
        WHERE  u.UserId = o.UserId)
FROM   Order o

This can be done like this on QueryOver:

Order order = null;
User user = null;

QueryOver<User> query = QueryOver.Of<User>(() => user)
               .Add(Projections.Property<User>(x => x.UserName)))
               .Add(Projections.Property<User>(x => x.WhateverOtherPropertyNameFromUser)))
    .Where(Restrictions.EqProperty("user.Id", "order.UserId"));

var result = session.QueryOver<Order>(() => order)
            .Add(Projections.Property<Order>(c => c.OrderId))
            .Add(Projections.Property<Order>(c => c.WhateverOtherPropertyNameFromOrder))

I have no idea if this is useful at all to you but it is a potential solution to your problem.

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Thanks, but I decided to add the mapping instead. To know it is not possible to do it without a mapping was indeed helpful. :) –  Illuminati Jan 24 '11 at 6:46
Just to clarify, this is a limitation of the Criteria API only. HQL and LINQ are quite capable of ad-hoc joins. –  Oskar Berggren Nov 20 '12 at 20:15
@OskarBerggren can you elaborate? any link that details alternative methods? –  syclee May 5 '14 at 0:42
I'm just saying that with regular LINQ, you can join whatever (e.g. from x in Xs from y in Ys where x.Field == y.Field). The NHibernate mappings doesn't need to know of any special relationship between X and Y. –  Oskar Berggren May 6 '14 at 9:44

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