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I'm using GVIM on Windows, if it matters.

I often select a block, do something, and then need to do something else with the same block, but of course once I do anything with the block, I'm out of visual mode.

Is there a way to re-select or act on the previously selected visual block?

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I believe gv will reselect the previous block...

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I knew it had to be there, and easy. Thanks! –  Jay Jan 20 '11 at 22:34

gv as Joe pointed out does the trick (+1), but an extra tip as well is if you do a :s with a visual selection, it will automatically populate the marks '< and '> and those will persist until you make another visual selection. So, you can do :'<,'>s/foo/bar/ without having to go back into visual mode and it will still apply to the same range. Same thing with anything else that uses those marks.

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If you have just pasted a visual block, there is also a way to reselect it easily.

See the following question and answers on SO.

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