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Is there a way to map a stored proc in entity framework 4 that returns a guid scalar? All I see is to have it return a collection or an int scalar.

My stored proc ends with a

select @id

where @id is the Guid I want back in code.

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No - function imports in EF4 always return collections that implement IEnumerable. You can have it return a collection of guid scalars - but in your case, it would just be a collection with one object. Does that work for you?


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technically it appears they don't always return collections. If you select return None when setting it up, it can have a return value of an int scalar, just not a guid. I don't want to get a collection of guids back as I only need one so that seems sloppy. I will go a different route. –  David Osborn Jan 25 '11 at 18:43
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