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I'm doing a windows forms application and it requires me to log every url redirect that's happening on the user's machine. Like when a user googles something and he clicked on a sponsored link, there will be a number of redirects that'll happen there and i would like to track those redirects.

Is there any listener class that I can use to accomplish this?

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I think you mean referrer, not redirect. If that's the case, in global.asax, in the application_begin method, log httpcontext.current.request.referrer.uri.

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If you're trying to monitor any browser the user may be running, implement a pass-through HTTP proxy and monitor the requests. The browser itself will still need to be configured to go through the proxy, and this process itself is browser-dependent.

While it is fairly straightforward, even a pass-through proxy is a nontrivial task, so you may want to base it on some third-party code such as Mentalis.org Proxy.

See Fiddler for an example of a tool that does this for debugging purposes.

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Nice -- I'd heard of Fiddler, but hadn't yet tried it out. Looks like it should solve the poster's question, too, since it can be incorporated into a .NET project. Thanks for the tip! –  Christian Nunciato Jan 24 '09 at 4:25
Not using a WebBrowser control & I'm trying to monitor any browser the user may be running. I've used fiddler and it would be great if I can implement listening to http redirects from my windows forms app. Imagine this app as a service app which listens to url/http requests –  Leon Tayson Jan 24 '09 at 5:54

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