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I am currently trying to make a navigation-menu where an active-class is applied to the anchors with hrefs that match the current url, I've found some jquery that gets the job done but on hover when I move the mouse off the item the style goes away even though I have left that active page.

var path = location.pathname;
var home = "/";
$("a[href='" + [path || home] + "']").parents("li").each(function() {   
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Why not do this on the server side instead? –  Babak Naffas Jan 21 '11 at 2:06
Seems like that should work, assuming current_page_item is defined using a:active –  zourtney Jan 21 '11 at 2:29
Is there anyone else that might have a deferant way of doing it I couldn't get Coles to work this is the site that I am using the menu on essllc.sitegov.com –  Deonya Jan 22 '11 at 4:22

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var aHrefs = $("li a")

$.each(aHrefs, function (i,e) {
    var href = $(e).attr('href');
    var currentHref = top.location.href;

    if ( href == currentHref ) {


I think this should work. Load this just before . Check any other code you have that messes with the .current_page_item css class.

Forgot the parents() call. You should assign a class name to that li element so it wont give you a false positive any further up the page.

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This is the url for the site essllc.sitegov.com I am using a cms system so the menu is dynamic. I havn't been able to get any of the above option to work. –  Deonya Jan 21 '11 at 4:22
seems to be adding the class "selected" to the appropriate li element. do li.selected { /* some css */ } –  Cole Jan 24 '11 at 22:44

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