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I know Linux provide int 0x80 for trapping into a system call but are there any others and what are their uses?

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For starers, on which platform? And what does this have to do with C#, C++, C, or gcc? –  GManNickG Jan 21 '11 at 2:44

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That's a pretty broad question but yes, the x86 chip allows a wide variety of software interrupts.

Linux uses int 80 for its system call mechanism but you should be aware that later versions of the kernel can use SYSENTER rather than int 80 since it's more efficient in some cases.

In real mode, the interrupt vector table was located at a specific place in memory. If you want details on the sort of things you could do, google for "Ralf Brown", he maintains the near-legendary "Interrupt List".

For protected mode, it can be found using a special processor register IDTR (IDT is the Interrupt Descriptor Table).

In both cases, you have 256 interrupts at your disposal.

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