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I have set up CodeBlocks to build from a custom Makefile. Build is working fine, but I am not able to run the code from CodeBlocks.

To build the project in command prompt, I use simple commands make and to clean it is make clean. It generates the executable: main that I run by ./main

I am trying to map this to the settings available in codeblocks which has the following values.

  • Build project/target: $make -f $makefile $target
  • Compile single file: $make -f $makefile $file
  • Clean project target: $make -f $makefile clean$target

How can I do the mapping and how to run the project?

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Using makefile in codeblocks changes the build process only.

The run command is executed according to the Target's output filename.

Go to project [menu] -> properties -> Build Targets [tab]

Set Output Filename to ./main

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