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Hi I am writing a custom template generator for my xml file. I was wondering if you guys can tell me a way I can generate more than one output file from the template under the same template.

The no of file should depend on the no of xml files I input

If I want to generate the c# class for a.xml I am doing something like this

<#= XmlToCsGenerator.Xml(this.Host.ResolvePath("a.xml")) #>

where my function XmlToCsGenerator.Xml(string path) returns the string to be written into the file.

Thanks in advance

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Damien Guard's approach detailed here: is a good one too. This is very close to the approach used in the Entity Framework's use of T4 in the .Net 4.0 product.

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nice article.. will get to marking the answer once I try it.. – Baz1nga Jan 23 '11 at 4:57

Have a look at this article/sample:

Author has illustrated creating multiple delete procedures (corresponding to multiple tables) for single template.

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