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The default MacPorts installation downloads each dependency, builds and installs it, then downloads, builds and installs the next dependency, and so on. This means that a constant network connection is required throughout the installation. In my configuration, a constant network connection is not feasible. This means that installation of a large-dependency package can take a very long time.

How do I download all dependencies for a specified MacPorts package at the beginning (while connected to the network) and then build and install each dependency (no network connection required)?

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While connected to the network, use:

port fetch rdepof:<packagename> <packagename>

Then, with no network connection required, use:

port clean rdepof:<packagename> <packagename>
port install <packagename>

rdepof: is a recursive list of all of the package's dependencies. The clean command removes any previous builds of the package or its dependencies.

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Use port fetch <packagename>.

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Unfortunately, this code does not fetch dependencies. – Seth Difley Feb 7 '11 at 21:19

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