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I'm working on a personal c# project in my spare time. Before this projected I haven't really done any unit testing, but I that it was time to learn so I read a couple of tutorials/blogs and installed NUnit and Testdriven.Net in VS2010 and I think I got the basics covered now.

My project uses a data model, which I created using EF4. I've also created a repository to retrieve the data and now I want to test that repository. How should I test it? Can I somehow avoid making calls to the database everytime I want to test a method in the Repository?


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You can also use mocking frameworks to create "fake" versions of your repositories. Moq is one I use very often. Essentially, you write code to fake return values of your repositories based on configuration...

var mock = new Mock<YourObject>();
mock.Setup(m => m.DoSomething().Returns(true));
var result = mock.Object.DoSomething();

Here's a good tutorial on getting started with Moq by Stephen Walther.

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If I decide to go with Moq while I then have to define an interface for every entity in the model? –  Ols1 Jan 26 '11 at 20:50
I found this tutorial andrewblogs.com/blog/moq-testing-tutorial but I cant add moq.contrib to the namespace. Has anyone experienced the same problem? –  Ols1 Jan 26 '11 at 23:33
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define an IRepository interface. have a real implementation of it that uses the database. have a fake implementation of it that returns dummy objects for the purpose of unit testing

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