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I am trying to use the Castle Windsor with WCF Data Service. I have created an Entity Data Model say "Person" and added a WCF Data Service called "MyService.svc". This is then exposed through OData...

public class MyService: DataService<Person>

Now, the question is how do you go about resolving this using the Windsor Container after registering it? (I registered it through Global.asax). So when you make a request such as "http://localhost/MyService.svc", How do I go about resolving "MyService" instance? How and where could I intercept to provide an instance from Windsor container?

Thanks in advance...

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Have a look at these links. You have to add a few classes to hook in to the service factory. These examples are for Unity but I easily modified them for Castle Windsor:

http://initializecomponent.blogspot.com/2008/06/integrating-unity-with-wcf.html http://initializecomponent.blogspot.com/2008/06/unity-wcf-and-iis.html

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