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In my current android application, I would like to get the geocordinates based on an entered city name, street name or zip code. How can I accomplish this?

Best Regards, Rony

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Check out the method Geocoder.getFromLocationName(cityName, maxResults)

Use it like this-

List<Address> addressList = geoCoder.getFromLocationName(cityName, 1);
Address address = addressList.get(0);
if(address.hasLatitude() && address.hasLongitude()){
    double selectedLat = address.getLatitude();
    double selectedLng = address.getLongitude();

I hope it helps.

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thanks Sheikh..let me just check it –  user264953 Jan 21 '11 at 5:27
Perfect!! Thanks a lot.. –  user264953 Jan 21 '11 at 5:43
:-) Glad that it helped! –  Sheikh Aman Jan 21 '11 at 6:29

Hi try the following code to get Geocode point from given address.

List<Address> foundGeocode = null;
/* find the addresses  by using getFromLocationName() method with the given address*/
foundGeocode = new Geocoder(this).getFromLocationName("address here", 1);
 foundGeocode.get(0).getLatitude(); //getting latitude
 foundGeocode.get(0).getLongitude();//getting longitude
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There's a very nice site called the World Gazetteer that has the data you need, in a neat, downloadable file (by city name)

From the main page, click on the link that says:

other statistics.....various statistics: tables, maps and downloadable data

and from the page that comes up, click on the link that says:

popdata (1.4 MB)

Unzip the file, and you got it!

The database is free master database of world cities which includes latitude, longitude, and population data...etc.

Got this from:

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Judging by the other answers, I am thinking that the Geocoder is probably the better solution rather than downloading a database of places and co-ordinates. –  Kev Sep 30 '12 at 22:42

try this

  Geocoder geoCoder = new Geocoder(getBaseContext(), Locale.getDefault());
         try {
         List<Address> addresses = geoCoder.getFromLocation(latitude , longitude, 1);

         String strCompleteAddress= "";
         //if (addresses.size() > 0)
         for (int i=0; i<addresses.get(0).getMaxAddressLineIndex();i++)
        strCompleteAddress+= addresses.get(0).getAddressLine(i) + "\n";
        // }
         Log.i("MyLocTAG => ", strCompleteAddress);
         Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), strCompleteAddress, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
         catch (IOException e) {
         Log.i("MyLocTAG => ", "this is the exception part");
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