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I am looking for a way to generate a list of timezones for display in a <select> Generating a drop down list of timezones with PHP

    $list = DateTimeZone::listAbbreviations();
    $idents = DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers();

    $data = $offset = $added = array();
    foreach ($list as $abbr => $info) {
        foreach ($info as $zone) {
            if ( ! empty($zone['timezone_id'])
                ! in_array($zone['timezone_id'], $added)
                  in_array($zone['timezone_id'], $idents)) {
                $z = new DateTimeZone($zone['timezone_id']);
                $c = new DateTime(null, $z);
                $zone['time'] = $c->format('H:i a');
                $data[] = $zone;
                $offset[] = $z->getOffset($c);
                $added[] = $zone['timezone_id'];

    array_multisort($offset, SORT_ASC, $data);
    $options = array();
    foreach ($data as $key => $row) {
        $options[$row['timezone_id']] = $row['time'] . ' - '
                                        . formatOffset($row['offset']) 
                                        . ' ' . $row['timezone_id'];

    // now you can use $options;

function formatOffset($offset) {
        $hours = $offset / 3600;
        $remainder = $offset % 3600;
        $sign = $hours > 0 ? '+' : '-';
        $hour = (int) abs($hours);
        $minutes = (int) abs($remainder / 60);

        if ($hour == 0 AND $minutes == 0) {
            $sign = ' ';
        return 'GMT' . $sign . str_pad($hour, 2, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT) 
                .':'. str_pad($minutes,2, '0');


When I checked my country, the offset was wrong, I am in Asia/Singapore, it should be UTC/GMT +8 http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=236 but according to the generated list its +9. Is there some kind of logic error? The time was correct tho

Is there a better way to generate this list? from the same question in the link above,

static $regions = array(
    'Africa' => DateTimeZone::AFRICA,
    'America' => DateTimeZone::AMERICA,
    'Antarctica' => DateTimeZone::ANTARCTICA,
    'Aisa' => DateTimeZone::ASIA,
    'Atlantic' => DateTimeZone::ATLANTIC,
    'Europe' => DateTimeZone::EUROPE,
    'Indian' => DateTimeZone::INDIAN,
    'Pacific' => DateTimeZone::PACIFIC
foreach ($regions as $name => $mask) {
    $tzlist[] = DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers($mask);

This just gets the identifiers I want a friendly display name eg. UTC+8 Asia/Singapore or something similar. How can I get that?

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Take my array of time zones, which I made specially for select element. It is associated array where key is PHP time zone and value is human representation. This is it:

$timezones = array(
    'Pacific/Midway'       => "(GMT-11:00) Midway Island",
    'US/Samoa'             => "(GMT-11:00) Samoa",
    'US/Hawaii'            => "(GMT-10:00) Hawaii",
    'US/Alaska'            => "(GMT-09:00) Alaska",
    'US/Pacific'           => "(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US &amp; Canada)",
    'America/Tijuana'      => "(GMT-08:00) Tijuana",
    'US/Arizona'           => "(GMT-07:00) Arizona",
    'US/Mountain'          => "(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US &amp; Canada)",
    'America/Chihuahua'    => "(GMT-07:00) Chihuahua",
    'America/Mazatlan'     => "(GMT-07:00) Mazatlan",
    'America/Mexico_City'  => "(GMT-06:00) Mexico City",
    'America/Monterrey'    => "(GMT-06:00) Monterrey",
    'Canada/Saskatchewan'  => "(GMT-06:00) Saskatchewan",
    'US/Central'           => "(GMT-06:00) Central Time (US &amp; Canada)",
    'US/Eastern'           => "(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US &amp; Canada)",
    'US/East-Indiana'      => "(GMT-05:00) Indiana (East)",
    'America/Bogota'       => "(GMT-05:00) Bogota",
    'America/Lima'         => "(GMT-05:00) Lima",
    'America/Caracas'      => "(GMT-04:30) Caracas",
    'Canada/Atlantic'      => "(GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada)",
    'America/La_Paz'       => "(GMT-04:00) La Paz",
    'America/Santiago'     => "(GMT-04:00) Santiago",
    'Canada/Newfoundland'  => "(GMT-03:30) Newfoundland",
    'America/Buenos_Aires' => "(GMT-03:00) Buenos Aires",
    'Greenland'            => "(GMT-03:00) Greenland",
    'Atlantic/Stanley'     => "(GMT-02:00) Stanley",
    'Atlantic/Azores'      => "(GMT-01:00) Azores",
    'Atlantic/Cape_Verde'  => "(GMT-01:00) Cape Verde Is.",
    'Africa/Casablanca'    => "(GMT) Casablanca",
    'Europe/Dublin'        => "(GMT) Dublin",
    'Europe/Lisbon'        => "(GMT) Lisbon",
    'Europe/London'        => "(GMT) London",
    'Africa/Monrovia'      => "(GMT) Monrovia",
    'Europe/Amsterdam'     => "(GMT+01:00) Amsterdam",
    'Europe/Belgrade'      => "(GMT+01:00) Belgrade",
    'Europe/Berlin'        => "(GMT+01:00) Berlin",
    'Europe/Bratislava'    => "(GMT+01:00) Bratislava",
    'Europe/Brussels'      => "(GMT+01:00) Brussels",
    'Europe/Budapest'      => "(GMT+01:00) Budapest",
    'Europe/Copenhagen'    => "(GMT+01:00) Copenhagen",
    'Europe/Ljubljana'     => "(GMT+01:00) Ljubljana",
    'Europe/Madrid'        => "(GMT+01:00) Madrid",
    'Europe/Paris'         => "(GMT+01:00) Paris",
    'Europe/Prague'        => "(GMT+01:00) Prague",
    'Europe/Rome'          => "(GMT+01:00) Rome",
    'Europe/Sarajevo'      => "(GMT+01:00) Sarajevo",
    'Europe/Skopje'        => "(GMT+01:00) Skopje",
    'Europe/Stockholm'     => "(GMT+01:00) Stockholm",
    'Europe/Vienna'        => "(GMT+01:00) Vienna",
    'Europe/Warsaw'        => "(GMT+01:00) Warsaw",
    'Europe/Zagreb'        => "(GMT+01:00) Zagreb",
    'Europe/Athens'        => "(GMT+02:00) Athens",
    'Europe/Bucharest'     => "(GMT+02:00) Bucharest",
    'Africa/Cairo'         => "(GMT+02:00) Cairo",
    'Africa/Harare'        => "(GMT+02:00) Harare",
    'Europe/Helsinki'      => "(GMT+02:00) Helsinki",
    'Europe/Istanbul'      => "(GMT+02:00) Istanbul",
    'Asia/Jerusalem'       => "(GMT+02:00) Jerusalem",
    'Europe/Kiev'          => "(GMT+02:00) Kyiv",
    'Europe/Minsk'         => "(GMT+02:00) Minsk",
    'Europe/Riga'          => "(GMT+02:00) Riga",
    'Europe/Sofia'         => "(GMT+02:00) Sofia",
    'Europe/Tallinn'       => "(GMT+02:00) Tallinn",
    'Europe/Vilnius'       => "(GMT+02:00) Vilnius",
    'Asia/Baghdad'         => "(GMT+03:00) Baghdad",
    'Asia/Kuwait'          => "(GMT+03:00) Kuwait",
    'Africa/Nairobi'       => "(GMT+03:00) Nairobi",
    'Asia/Riyadh'          => "(GMT+03:00) Riyadh",
    'Asia/Tehran'          => "(GMT+03:30) Tehran",
    'Europe/Moscow'        => "(GMT+04:00) Moscow",
    'Asia/Baku'            => "(GMT+04:00) Baku",
    'Europe/Volgograd'     => "(GMT+04:00) Volgograd",
    'Asia/Muscat'          => "(GMT+04:00) Muscat",
    'Asia/Tbilisi'         => "(GMT+04:00) Tbilisi",
    'Asia/Yerevan'         => "(GMT+04:00) Yerevan",
    'Asia/Kabul'           => "(GMT+04:30) Kabul",
    'Asia/Karachi'         => "(GMT+05:00) Karachi",
    'Asia/Tashkent'        => "(GMT+05:00) Tashkent",
    'Asia/Kolkata'         => "(GMT+05:30) Kolkata",
    'Asia/Kathmandu'       => "(GMT+05:45) Kathmandu",
    'Asia/Yekaterinburg'   => "(GMT+06:00) Ekaterinburg",
    'Asia/Almaty'          => "(GMT+06:00) Almaty",
    'Asia/Dhaka'           => "(GMT+06:00) Dhaka",
    'Asia/Novosibirsk'     => "(GMT+07:00) Novosibirsk",
    'Asia/Bangkok'         => "(GMT+07:00) Bangkok",
    'Asia/Jakarta'         => "(GMT+07:00) Jakarta",
    'Asia/Krasnoyarsk'     => "(GMT+08:00) Krasnoyarsk",
    'Asia/Chongqing'       => "(GMT+08:00) Chongqing",
    'Asia/Hong_Kong'       => "(GMT+08:00) Hong Kong",
    'Asia/Kuala_Lumpur'    => "(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur",
    'Australia/Perth'      => "(GMT+08:00) Perth",
    'Asia/Singapore'       => "(GMT+08:00) Singapore",
    'Asia/Taipei'          => "(GMT+08:00) Taipei",
    'Asia/Ulaanbaatar'     => "(GMT+08:00) Ulaan Bataar",
    'Asia/Urumqi'          => "(GMT+08:00) Urumqi",
    'Asia/Irkutsk'         => "(GMT+09:00) Irkutsk",
    'Asia/Seoul'           => "(GMT+09:00) Seoul",
    'Asia/Tokyo'           => "(GMT+09:00) Tokyo",
    'Australia/Adelaide'   => "(GMT+09:30) Adelaide",
    'Australia/Darwin'     => "(GMT+09:30) Darwin",
    'Asia/Yakutsk'         => "(GMT+10:00) Yakutsk",
    'Australia/Brisbane'   => "(GMT+10:00) Brisbane",
    'Australia/Canberra'   => "(GMT+10:00) Canberra",
    'Pacific/Guam'         => "(GMT+10:00) Guam",
    'Australia/Hobart'     => "(GMT+10:00) Hobart",
    'Australia/Melbourne'  => "(GMT+10:00) Melbourne",
    'Pacific/Port_Moresby' => "(GMT+10:00) Port Moresby",
    'Australia/Sydney'     => "(GMT+10:00) Sydney",
    'Asia/Vladivostok'     => "(GMT+11:00) Vladivostok",
    'Asia/Magadan'         => "(GMT+12:00) Magadan",
    'Pacific/Auckland'     => "(GMT+12:00) Auckland",
    'Pacific/Fiji'         => "(GMT+12:00) Fiji",
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But both Lisbon and London (although they are different timezones) share the same GMT offset and DST rules and timing, your list is full of this kind of examples... –  Alix Axel Oct 17 '11 at 11:26
A static list of GMT offsets doesn't really help, since GMT offsets vary throughout the year based on DST. Depending on your definition the timezone then either changes to, e.g. "Europe/Berlin (DST)", or the GMT offset value of the timezone changes. –  deceze Apr 19 '12 at 0:10
If you want to generate the entire list of PHP supported timezones instead of handcrafting it, take a look at: stackoverflow.com/a/17355238/1570970 –  Toland Hon Jun 28 '13 at 21:44
'Greenland' may need to be 'America/Godthab'. –  JoshDM Jul 8 '13 at 21:02

A completed list, I use in my apps:

(Also check out: https://github.com/paptamas/timezones)

$timezones = 
array (
  '(GMT-12:00) International Date Line West' => 'Pacific/Wake',
  '(GMT-11:00) Midway Island' => 'Pacific/Apia',
  '(GMT-11:00) Samoa' => 'Pacific/Apia',
  '(GMT-10:00) Hawaii' => 'Pacific/Honolulu',
  '(GMT-09:00) Alaska' => 'America/Anchorage',
  '(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US &amp; Canada); Tijuana' => 'America/Los_Angeles',
  '(GMT-07:00) Arizona' => 'America/Phoenix',
  '(GMT-07:00) Chihuahua' => 'America/Chihuahua',
  '(GMT-07:00) La Paz' => 'America/Chihuahua',
  '(GMT-07:00) Mazatlan' => 'America/Chihuahua',
  '(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US &amp; Canada)' => 'America/Denver',
  '(GMT-06:00) Central America' => 'America/Managua',
  '(GMT-06:00) Central Time (US &amp; Canada)' => 'America/Chicago',
  '(GMT-06:00) Guadalajara' => 'America/Mexico_City',
  '(GMT-06:00) Mexico City' => 'America/Mexico_City',
  '(GMT-06:00) Monterrey' => 'America/Mexico_City',
  '(GMT-06:00) Saskatchewan' => 'America/Regina',
  '(GMT-05:00) Bogota' => 'America/Bogota',
  '(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US &amp; Canada)' => 'America/New_York',
  '(GMT-05:00) Indiana (East)' => 'America/Indiana/Indianapolis',
  '(GMT-05:00) Lima' => 'America/Bogota',
  '(GMT-05:00) Quito' => 'America/Bogota',
  '(GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada)' => 'America/Halifax',
  '(GMT-04:00) Caracas' => 'America/Caracas',
  '(GMT-04:00) La Paz' => 'America/Caracas',
  '(GMT-04:00) Santiago' => 'America/Santiago',
  '(GMT-03:30) Newfoundland' => 'America/St_Johns',
  '(GMT-03:00) Brasilia' => 'America/Sao_Paulo',
  '(GMT-03:00) Buenos Aires' => 'America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires',
  '(GMT-03:00) Georgetown' => 'America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires',
  '(GMT-03:00) Greenland' => 'America/Godthab',
  '(GMT-02:00) Mid-Atlantic' => 'America/Noronha',
  '(GMT-01:00) Azores' => 'Atlantic/Azores',
  '(GMT-01:00) Cape Verde Is.' => 'Atlantic/Cape_Verde',
  '(GMT) Casablanca' => 'Africa/Casablanca',
  '(GMT) Edinburgh' => 'Europe/London',
  '(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin' => 'Europe/London',
  '(GMT) Lisbon' => 'Europe/London',
  '(GMT) London' => 'Europe/London',
  '(GMT) Monrovia' => 'Africa/Casablanca',
  '(GMT+01:00) Amsterdam' => 'Europe/Berlin',
  '(GMT+01:00) Belgrade' => 'Europe/Belgrade',
  '(GMT+01:00) Berlin' => 'Europe/Berlin',
  '(GMT+01:00) Bern' => 'Europe/Berlin',
  '(GMT+01:00) Bratislava' => 'Europe/Belgrade',
  '(GMT+01:00) Brussels' => 'Europe/Paris',
  '(GMT+01:00) Budapest' => 'Europe/Belgrade',
  '(GMT+01:00) Copenhagen' => 'Europe/Paris',
  '(GMT+01:00) Ljubljana' => 'Europe/Belgrade',
  '(GMT+01:00) Madrid' => 'Europe/Paris',
  '(GMT+01:00) Paris' => 'Europe/Paris',
  '(GMT+01:00) Prague' => 'Europe/Belgrade',
  '(GMT+01:00) Rome' => 'Europe/Berlin',
  '(GMT+01:00) Sarajevo' => 'Europe/Sarajevo',
  '(GMT+01:00) Skopje' => 'Europe/Sarajevo',
  '(GMT+01:00) Stockholm' => 'Europe/Berlin',
  '(GMT+01:00) Vienna' => 'Europe/Berlin',
  '(GMT+01:00) Warsaw' => 'Europe/Sarajevo',
  '(GMT+01:00) West Central Africa' => 'Africa/Lagos',
  '(GMT+01:00) Zagreb' => 'Europe/Sarajevo',
  '(GMT+02:00) Athens' => 'Europe/Istanbul',
  '(GMT+02:00) Bucharest' => 'Europe/Bucharest',
  '(GMT+02:00) Cairo' => 'Africa/Cairo',
  '(GMT+02:00) Harare' => 'Africa/Johannesburg',
  '(GMT+02:00) Helsinki' => 'Europe/Helsinki',
  '(GMT+02:00) Istanbul' => 'Europe/Istanbul',
  '(GMT+02:00) Jerusalem' => 'Asia/Jerusalem',
  '(GMT+02:00) Kyiv' => 'Europe/Helsinki',
  '(GMT+02:00) Minsk' => 'Europe/Istanbul',
  '(GMT+02:00) Pretoria' => 'Africa/Johannesburg',
  '(GMT+02:00) Riga' => 'Europe/Helsinki',
  '(GMT+02:00) Sofia' => 'Europe/Helsinki',
  '(GMT+02:00) Tallinn' => 'Europe/Helsinki',
  '(GMT+02:00) Vilnius' => 'Europe/Helsinki',
  '(GMT+03:00) Baghdad' => 'Asia/Baghdad',
  '(GMT+03:00) Kuwait' => 'Asia/Riyadh',
  '(GMT+03:00) Moscow' => 'Europe/Moscow',
  '(GMT+03:00) Nairobi' => 'Africa/Nairobi',
  '(GMT+03:00) Riyadh' => 'Asia/Riyadh',
  '(GMT+03:00) St. Petersburg' => 'Europe/Moscow',
  '(GMT+03:00) Volgograd' => 'Europe/Moscow',
  '(GMT+03:30) Tehran' => 'Asia/Tehran',
  '(GMT+04:00) Abu Dhabi' => 'Asia/Muscat',
  '(GMT+04:00) Baku' => 'Asia/Tbilisi',
  '(GMT+04:00) Muscat' => 'Asia/Muscat',
  '(GMT+04:00) Tbilisi' => 'Asia/Tbilisi',
  '(GMT+04:00) Yerevan' => 'Asia/Tbilisi',
  '(GMT+04:30) Kabul' => 'Asia/Kabul',
  '(GMT+05:00) Ekaterinburg' => 'Asia/Yekaterinburg',
  '(GMT+05:00) Islamabad' => 'Asia/Karachi',
  '(GMT+05:00) Karachi' => 'Asia/Karachi',
  '(GMT+05:00) Tashkent' => 'Asia/Karachi',
  '(GMT+05:30) Chennai' => 'Asia/Calcutta',
  '(GMT+05:30) Kolkata' => 'Asia/Calcutta',
  '(GMT+05:30) Mumbai' => 'Asia/Calcutta',
  '(GMT+05:30) New Delhi' => 'Asia/Calcutta',
  '(GMT+05:45) Kathmandu' => 'Asia/Katmandu',
  '(GMT+06:00) Almaty' => 'Asia/Novosibirsk',
  '(GMT+06:00) Astana' => 'Asia/Dhaka',
  '(GMT+06:00) Dhaka' => 'Asia/Dhaka',
  '(GMT+06:00) Novosibirsk' => 'Asia/Novosibirsk',
  '(GMT+06:00) Sri Jayawardenepura' => 'Asia/Colombo',
  '(GMT+06:30) Rangoon' => 'Asia/Rangoon',
  '(GMT+07:00) Bangkok' => 'Asia/Bangkok',
  '(GMT+07:00) Hanoi' => 'Asia/Bangkok',
  '(GMT+07:00) Jakarta' => 'Asia/Bangkok',
  '(GMT+07:00) Krasnoyarsk' => 'Asia/Krasnoyarsk',
  '(GMT+08:00) Beijing' => 'Asia/Hong_Kong',
  '(GMT+08:00) Chongqing' => 'Asia/Hong_Kong',
  '(GMT+08:00) Hong Kong' => 'Asia/Hong_Kong',
  '(GMT+08:00) Irkutsk' => 'Asia/Irkutsk',
  '(GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur' => 'Asia/Singapore',
  '(GMT+08:00) Perth' => 'Australia/Perth',
  '(GMT+08:00) Singapore' => 'Asia/Singapore',
  '(GMT+08:00) Taipei' => 'Asia/Taipei',
  '(GMT+08:00) Ulaan Bataar' => 'Asia/Irkutsk',
  '(GMT+08:00) Urumqi' => 'Asia/Hong_Kong',
  '(GMT+09:00) Osaka' => 'Asia/Tokyo',
  '(GMT+09:00) Sapporo' => 'Asia/Tokyo',
  '(GMT+09:00) Seoul' => 'Asia/Seoul',
  '(GMT+09:00) Tokyo' => 'Asia/Tokyo',
  '(GMT+09:00) Yakutsk' => 'Asia/Yakutsk',
  '(GMT+09:30) Adelaide' => 'Australia/Adelaide',
  '(GMT+09:30) Darwin' => 'Australia/Darwin',
  '(GMT+10:00) Brisbane' => 'Australia/Brisbane',
  '(GMT+10:00) Canberra' => 'Australia/Sydney',
  '(GMT+10:00) Guam' => 'Pacific/Guam',
  '(GMT+10:00) Hobart' => 'Australia/Hobart',
  '(GMT+10:00) Melbourne' => 'Australia/Sydney',
  '(GMT+10:00) Port Moresby' => 'Pacific/Guam',
  '(GMT+10:00) Sydney' => 'Australia/Sydney',
  '(GMT+10:00) Vladivostok' => 'Asia/Vladivostok',
  '(GMT+11:00) Magadan' => 'Asia/Magadan',
  '(GMT+11:00) New Caledonia' => 'Asia/Magadan',
  '(GMT+11:00) Solomon Is.' => 'Asia/Magadan',
  '(GMT+12:00) Auckland' => 'Pacific/Auckland',
  '(GMT+12:00) Fiji' => 'Pacific/Fiji',
  '(GMT+12:00) Kamchatka' => 'Pacific/Fiji',
  '(GMT+12:00) Marshall Is.' => 'Pacific/Fiji',
  '(GMT+12:00) Wellington' => 'Pacific/Auckland',
  '(GMT+13:00) Nuku\'alofa' => 'Pacific/Tongatapu',

It is very important to store timezone identifiers in your database and not just the timezone offset like "GMT+2", because of Daylight Saving Times.

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I was comparing some of those values to what Windows 7 uses and some of them aren't the same... Like Georgetown. You say -3, Windows -4. I have no idea and I don't want to look each difference up. Just a warning. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm not saying Windows is, or maybe they're the same and I'm confused. It's all possible. Just a warning to other people trying to solve the issue of ugly PHP timezone text. –  gloomy.penguin Feb 11 '13 at 22:23
Thank you for feedback. There is no problem with the list, but the problem is a little bit complex. I am from Romania, and my timezone is Europe/Bucharest. In windows now it appears UTC+2 Athens/Bucharest, but 3 months ago appeared UTC+3 Athens/Bucharest because of the Daylight Saving Time. –  Tamás Pap Feb 11 '13 at 22:34
omg, yes, this is such a crazy problem. I haven't found a solution I like yet... I found this: unicode.org/repos/cldr/trunk/common/supplemental/… which is cool... but... not what I want. I guess the reasoning behind all this is because "pretty" Windows text that we all want is sometimes a list of cities, that may change, and each timezone needs to be represented in the whole list which is managed by Microsoft. And it would be time consuming (haha...) to maintain a mapping btwn Windows and Olson, which everything else uses... –  gloomy.penguin Feb 11 '13 at 23:04
Yeah, it's a crazy one :) I think using this list is fine! Many big companies uses it like 37signals, Harvest, etc. You will store in db, and make your calculations based on the timezone identifiers like Europe/Paris, and you shouldn't take care much about if it's UTM+1 or UTM+2 at the moment. Everybody will find his timezone pretty easy. Just don't waste your time with this, focus on real problems. :) Cheers! –  Tamás Pap Feb 11 '13 at 23:28

this method relies on your operating system, to make it so that it always works, just store the excisting timezones in an array/database, also you need to take into account the daylightsavingstime(s) wich can be quite some work

sourece http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_zone: PHP

The DateTime objects and related functions have been compiled into the PHP core since 5.2. This includes the ability to get and set the default script timezone, and DateTime is aware of its own timezone internally. PHP.net provides extensive documentation on this.[20] As noted there, the most current timezone database can be implemented via the PECL timezonedb.

so either make the db yourself, or use the PECL timezonedb

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I don't really understand, is the offset given by PHP wrong? How is this affected by the OS? aren't I using values from PHP then just maths? –  Jiew Meng Jan 21 '11 at 13:09
why downvote if you dont understand it, useing the PECL db is an option, and if you disagree with php's timezone settings, remember that daylight saving times arent too much of a standard thats why you can just better import the PECL db and have them deal with the problem instead of you having to deal with it –  Paul Scheltema Feb 23 '11 at 21:03
@jiewmeng sorry forgot to ref to you, prev message ;) –  Paul Scheltema Feb 23 '11 at 21:04

I have just had the same problem of making an easy to use time zone list. So I am using geoip (http://freegeoip.net) to get the user's country and then using:

$nearest_time_zones = DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers(DateTimeZone::PER_COUNTRY, $country_code);

This is great because the list is generally very short. But in case the user wants to specify a different zone I append the entire list from DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers(). If you don't show all time zones, you're bound to have a user from a time zone that isn't listed.

The resulting drop down looks like this (of course it's a lot longer than this):

<optgroup label="Nearest">
<option value="blah/blah">(+5:00) Blah/Blah</option>
<optgroup label="-11:00">
<option value="Pacific/Apia">(-11:00) Pacific/Apia</option>
<option value="Pacific/Midway">(-11:00) Pacific/Midway</option>
<option value="Pacific/Niue">(-11:00) Pacific/Niue</option>
<option value="Pacific/Pago_Pago">(-11:00) Pacific/Pago_Pago</option>
<optgroup label="-10:00">
<option value="America/Adak">(-10:00) America/Adak</option>
<option value="Pacific/Fakaofo">(-10:00) Pacific/Fakaofo</option>
<option value="Pacific/Honolulu">(-10:00) Pacific/Honolulu</option>
<option value="Pacific/Johnston">(-10:00) Pacific/Johnston</option>
<option value="Pacific/Rarotonga">(-10:00) Pacific/Rarotonga</option>
<option value="Pacific/Tahiti">(-10:00) Pacific/Tahiti</option>

This application is still in development and hasn't had user feedback yet so I can't say that this has been a successful approach. But I thought that the geoip approach was worth mentioning.

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