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    public ActionResult Index()
    return view();

    public ActionResult Index(){
    return view();

what is the difference between both in ASP.NET MVC

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If you don't define any attribute above the method then Action accepts all kind requests (GET, POST etc.)

If you define [HttpPost] then only Post is accepted. In some cases it is very important to accept only certain kind of requests. W3.org has a good checklist when to use Get & Post.

Use GET if:

  • The interaction is more like a question (i.e., it is a safe operation such as a query, read operation, or lookup).

Use POST if:

  • The interaction is more like an order, or
  • The interaction changes the state of the resource in a way that the user would perceive (e.g., a subscription to a service),
  • or The user be held accountable for the results of the interaction.

Btw. In your example there is a problem with method signatures. Method signatures must be different even if you put attributes above them.

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+1 - clear explanation –  jim tollan Jan 21 '11 at 7:59

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