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I have table pref having column value. This value has type text. I want copy the value field value of row with id 7 to the value field of row with id 1. Can you please help how to do this. I know MS SQL, but I am new to mySQL.

create table pref
   id int,
   value text
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Have you tried the SQL that you would write for MS SQL yet? What failed? – sarnold Jan 21 '11 at 7:48
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In MySQL you can't use a subselect from the same table you are updating, but you can use a join.

   UPDATE pref AS target
LEFT JOIN pref AS source ON = 7
      SET target.value = source.value
    WHERE = 1;
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This worked, thanks. – mohang Jan 21 '11 at 12:56
Thanks. I wanted to update multiple fields while merging duplicate records and this answer was easily adapted to my needs. – Anthony Geoghegan Jan 27 '15 at 16:12
    value = (SELECT value WHERE id = 7)
    id = 1
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In my case, I was trying to copy an encrypted value from one row into an empty field in another row in the same table. In this case, I needed to copy john's PIN into Jane's PIN.

@mohang has it right. Here is my adaptation :)

name   pin

john   sdhjduwhdowodw7d87e838g83g8g3of...

    //copy from field with value into empty field

UPDATE my_table AS target
LEFT JOIN my_table AS source ON != ""
WHERE = "";

    // Hurray, it works!

name   pin

john   sdhjduwhdowodw7d87e838g83g8g3of...
jane   sdhjduwhdowodw7d87e838g83g8g3of...   
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