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I am new to PHP and Code Ignitor, Facing some issue while trying to convert dynamic data content into static html file. This is code snippet. when i request code snippet file it prints only Error 111111111 nothing else. not able to understand what is the error here.

This is my original Code and here am trying to generate static html file with dynamic content. It doesn't works for me

    echo "Error 111111111";
    $fileName = "sample.html";
    Some html is here       
           $output = ob_get_contents(); // get contents of trapped output

            //write to file, e.g.
           $newfile = $fileName; 
           $file = fopen ($newfile, "w"); 
           fwrite($file, $output); 
           fclose ($file);  
           ob_end_clean(); // discard trapped output and stop trapping
    }catch (Exception $ex){                
      echo "Error ".$ex->getMessage();

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What do you expect it to print? –  Mark Baker Jan 21 '11 at 10:41

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I don't see an error?

ob_start() suppresses all output until ob_flush() is called. You're not calling ob_flush(), so nothing after the ob_start() will be output. That's what you're seeing, and that's exactly the way it's supposed to work.

I suppose the real question is what were you trying to achieve?

The code snippet is quite confusing, because ob_start() doesn't generate any exceptions, yet you've put it into a try / catch block. Your catch section will never be called because nothing in the try block will ever generate any exceptions.

So what were you trying to do here? The answer to that may help us give you more guidance.

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if there is no such error then why it not prints echo "Error 22222"; –  Vicky Jan 21 '11 at 10:42
@Yashwant Chavan - okay you've completely changed the code now, and the '22222' only applies to the first version of the question. But based on the original question, the '22222' does print, but because ob_start has been called, it gets stored in the output buffer rather than being given to the browser. If you call ob_flush, it will be sent to the browser. However, your updated code is completely different: it does make it easier to see what you are actually trying to do, but I'd need to write a whole new answer to try to help you understand it. –  Spudley Jan 21 '11 at 10:59

ob_start marks where buffered output should begin, but AFAIK you also have to tell PHP to end buffering and output the current contents: ob_end_flush()

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