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In project, I'm currently working on, I have to create personal list view for given list (SharePoint 2007). Here is my code (currList is SPList):

System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection viewFields = currList.Views[BaseViewID].ViewFields.ToStringCollection();
SPView searchView = currList.Views.Add(SearchViewName, viewFields, query, 100, true, false, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPViewCollection.SPViewType.Html, true);

Everything's working fine when the user has permission to ADD elements to the list. Creating view for user, which has ALL permissions to the list except adding items gives "Access is denied" error. Adding view from SharePoint itself works.

I've found the same problem here: so the problem isn't new.

//EDIT: If I create personal view (having add items to list and manage personal views permissions) I can later modify this view (remove view fields from it, etc.) with manage personal views permnission only. What's interesting is thatif I've created this personal vier earlier I can modify this view

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Can you confirm - does the user who is running the code have permissions to create and manage personal views? – Luke Jan 21 '11 at 12:33
Yes, he has this permission. – Marcin Robaszyński Jan 21 '11 at 15:51
OK, that doesn't help then I guess... I have you tried putting the name (as a string) into the view name instead of using the 'BaseViewID' value for the view you want to generate your personal view from as I had an issue when testing using the BaseViewID but it worked fine if i used the views name? – Luke Jan 21 '11 at 22:29
I haven't tried that yet; I'll check that. – Marcin Robaszyński Jan 24 '11 at 10:16
No result. It's a problem with adding view, not retrieving base view. – Marcin Robaszyński Jan 24 '11 at 16:25

If you know that adding views from the UI works, you can try replicating what is happening there.

Using firebug, you can see what is going on, basically the ViewNew page submits to this url


But with a many more parameters.

If you really need this feature, you could try that.

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Unfortunately this won't be easy - many parameters, getting session id (from cookies), etc. – Marcin Robaszyński Jan 24 '11 at 16:26
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Problem still exists in SharePoint 2010. Adding views with Manage personal views is not possible from code, but it's possible from UI. As a workaround in new project I've created JS script which:

  1. loads Create View page to invisible frame
  2. fills View Name field
  3. selects "Create a Personal View" checkbox
  4. clicks OK button
  5. removes frame

I'm using jQuery to do this. Clicking button causes postback, so it must be handled:

createPersonalView = function (callback) {
    var url = siteCollectionUrl + '_layouts/ViewNew.aspx?List={' + listId + '}'
        + '&Source=' + window.location.href;

    $someDiv.append('<iframe class="view-creator" style="display:none;"></iframe>');

    $someDiv.find('iframe.view-creator').attr('src', url);
    $someDiv.find('iframe.view-creator').load(function () {
        var $iframe = $(this);
        $iframe.contents().find('#ViewName').attr('value', "My personal view");
        $iframe.contents().find('input#PersonalView0').attr('CHECKED', 'true');

        $iframe.load(function () {
            callback(); //it's done! :D


It's enough to do this once. When you have view then it can be updated with Manage personal views permission.

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