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If the select element doesn't have any options the name of the select-list won't be rendered. As I fill the select automatically on one paritcular event I can not save the selected value because the select has no name. Is there a jqGrid-property to manage this?

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Why you can have select element without any options? It seems to me easier to change your code which generate the select-contain as to try to make jqGrid working with empty selects. –  Oleg Jan 21 '11 at 11:26

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I assume that you have problem with cell editing and you created column in colModel something similar:

{name:'strType', index:'strType', width:70, sortable:false, editable:true, edittype:'select', editoptions: { value: "" }}

Everything you would like to know about this feature is written in docs and there is:

The editoptions value must contain a set of value

So I would set name attribute by myself. If you do something in javascript that add option to select box, setting name attribute is simple.

$('#1_strType').attr('name', 'strType')

I haven't tested yet this solution, but I assume that this could work :)

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