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I'm trying to pivot data in my table this way:


SELECT @columns = COALESCE(@columns + ',[' + cast(MasterQuestionDesc as varchar) + ']',
'[' + cast(MasterQuestionDesc as varchar)+ ']')
FROM MyTable
GROUP BY MasterQuestionDesc
print @columns


SET @query = '
FROM MyTable
FOR MasterQuestionDesc
IN (' + @columns + ')
AS p'
print @query

But this doens't work because the Total of MasterQuestionDesc is > 8000. I'm trying to use MasterQuestionKey(3 digits code) instead of MasterQuestionDesc which works fine but the MasterQuestionKey won't mean much to users. So my questions is: which is the best way to loop through the columns and rename them with corresponding MasterQuestionDesc?

Would you do things diffirently?

Initially, my pivoting was done in Reporting Services but due to the amount of data involved my report was throwing an outOfMemory exception and that's why I thought if I do my pivoting in my stored procedure. Thanks for your help.

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