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How can I simulate the mouse click in a directx application? mouse_event and PostMessage with WM_LBUTTONDOWN don't work...

so it must be something to do with the DirectInput

I haven't found out nothing useful with google, so you may be knowing the answer...

thanks in advance


I wrote the text wrongly, what I want is to make the directx app believe that the mouse has just clicked, but without effectively using the mouse and without using SendInput or mouse_event, which need that the window must be focused

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Try AutoIt it is perfect for sending a click to a particular control. The

ControlClick ( "title", "text", controlID [, button [, clicks [, x [, y ]]]] )

command can do exactly what you want. The directx control will detect the click.

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If it is your own application, could you refactor out the click event into something like (in psuedocode):

void click(int x, int y)  {


void area_click(int x, int y) {

which is called by the real click handler.

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My guess is that he is trying to cheat in some game. –  erikkallen Jan 24 '09 at 18:34

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