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I am tring to create a regex to match the content between numbered lists, e.g. with the following content:

1) Text for part 1 2) Text for part 2 3) Text for part 3

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The following PCRE should work, assuming you haven't got any thing formatted like "1)" or the like inside of the sections:



  • \d+\) gives a number followed by a ).
  • \s* matches the preceding whitespace.
  • (.*?) captures the contents non-greedily.
  • \s* matches the trailing whitespace.
  • (?=\d+\)|$) ensures that the match is followed by either the start of a new section or the end of the text.

Note, it doesn't enforce that they must be ascending or anything like that, so it'd match the following text as well:

4) Hello there 1) How are you? 5) Good.
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I'd suggest the following (PCRE):

  • The inner part \d+\)\s* matches the list number and the closing brace, followed by optional white space(s).

  • (.*?) matches the list text, but in a non-greedy manner (otherwise, it would also match the next list item).

  • The enclosing (?: )*$ then matches the above zero or more times, until the end of the input.

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In my experience, most regex engines don't allow capture groups to be recycled, sadly. –  Sebastian Paaske Tørholm Jan 21 '11 at 12:35
Well then use \d+\)\s*((?:.(?!\d\)))*) and repeat until everything matches. –  Daniel Gehriger Jan 21 '11 at 12:40

You should keep in mind text after number and bracket might be any text, this would find your substrings:



To get rid of whitespace and return only text without a number, get group 1 from following match:


To get number in group(1) and text in group(2) use this:

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