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I'm trying to do up a rails form_for that includes a checkbox for :terms_and_conditions (with validates_presence_of). terms_and_conditions has not been declared as a column in the corresponding database table.

At the moment, when I submit the form and try to create a new model with MyModel.new(params[:mymodel]), I get an *'unknown attribute: terms_and_conditions'* error.

So, just wondering: how do I run create a field for a column - and run validations on it - without inserting that field into the database?

Many thanks...

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You need a virtual attribute for terms_and_conditions in your model. Take a look at this screencast

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Ach - many thanks. Knew it was something like that - I was forgetting to include a setter method. –  PlankTon Jan 21 '11 at 12:46

For accepting T&Cs only, you should now be able to just put this in your model:

validates_acceptance_of :terms_and_conditions
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