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we have frequent new development projects with different developers. So we need a good SVN User and Project Management, which is secure as well.

I was checking USVN, but I think it is not safe enough, because all the SVN-Folder has to be on webroot-access, as well as the config.ini file.

Do you have any other proposals for a nice user and project management? Actually to create and manage users via console gets really messy with so many projects.

What do you propose? Do you think SVN is save over HTTP or should it be svn+ssh?

Thanks for your help, Sebastian

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We use SVNManager at my job and it seems to work well, although there are a lot of clicks required to do things like add new users.

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Subversion integration with LDAP is described here. Once you start using LDAP to manage your users you can integrate it with other applications as well.

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