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does any tool (VS extension, or maybe Resharper supports this...) exist which can orginize code in my class in some specified way? Like this :

public static fields/properties
private static fields/properties

public fields/properties
private fields/properties


public static methods
private static methods

public methods
private methods


(and all are sorted alphabetically)

It would be so nice...

I like to have my code very organized, but sometimes I do not follow my own rules and than reorganizing everything by hands may be a little bit problematic )

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Yes, ReSharper can do it. You can even customize the way it organizes items... take a look at this blog post by Hadi Hariri

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Thank's for that amazing post! –  taras.roshko Jan 21 '11 at 16:17

Yes, resharper has such a feature (and many other equally marvelous ones).

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Telerik's JustCode has this feature as well. Code ordering rules are easily customizable through the Options dialog - No XML. JustCode - Reordering

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Nice! I'll try it, but I trust resharper a little bit more) –  taras.roshko Jan 21 '11 at 16:18

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